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by admin on March 17, 2011

Ambit Energy in BaltimoreAmbit Energy is a large successful electric company that started doing business around 2002 when Texas deregulated their electricity market.

Since then Ambit Energy has expanded into places like Baltimore to offer competitive Ambit Energy Baltimore electricity rates that offer choice and low price.

When considering residential electric choice in Baltimore you need to look at price but also deposit amounts, credit checks, and fixed verses variable rate plans.

Most electricity companies including Ambit Energy Baltimore will want to run a credit check. For many the credit check is cruel because you may no yourself that you will pay your bill on time and be a good paying customer but statistics don’t lie.

Once a credit score number falls below a certain magic number statistics say that over 50% of those customers will default at least once on their monthly electric bill.

Because electric suppliers like Ambit Energy Baltimore sell energy at thin retail margin they cannot afford to take on a large amount of credit risk customers.

In situations like this where your credit is bad Ambit Energy Baltimore may ask for a deposit but it will be comparable to other competing electricity companies in Baltimore.

The primary point to consider is the price as well as that the rate is a fixed rate. Variable electric rates often times offer a teaser price for the first month.

The price on a teaser rate always eventually goes up so initially while you pay a slightly higher rate per kwh with a fixed rate you will be happy in the long run.

Also consider this in regards to variable prices. A variable electricity rate looks competitive but you cannot compare it to anything because every Baltimore electricity company uses different criteria for when they raise that rate on you.

Ambit Electric BaltimoreThe first month you can compare apples to apples with most variable rate plans but after that first month there is no telling what some electric companies might do to raise that price on you higher.

In some circumstances there are a few bad electric companies out there that compete with Ambit Energy that offer a low price variable rate. When customers signed up on this advertised price the rate changed again at the time the electric meter was switched into the customers name. Ambit Energy Baltimore does not participate in bad dishonest bait and switch tactics like this and rest assured you can feel confident when switching to one of their fixed electricity plans.

In this situation the Baltimore electric service customer did not even get the rate that was advertised to them.

Ambit Energy does not operate in any of these disreputable examples that some of their competitors have been known to do.

Ambit Energy in Baltimore will give you a clear fixed electric rate to review and if you like you can compare it with other competing fixed rate offers.

Our warning to you however is to not compare a fixed rate verses a variable price because it simply does not work out.

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