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by admin on May 2, 2011

Baltimore ElectricityBG&E’s slogan is “We’re on it” and they have been your Baltimore electricity company for nearly 200 years. You now have a choice in the matter but the choice comes with some challenges.

Unlike how things used to be with Baltimore Gas and Electric where the government assisted in approving and setting energy prices you now get to pick from a host of Baltimore electric companies that create their electric prices based on free market principles.

There are about 15 different known risks retail electric companies in Baltimore are up against when creating your electricity rate and some of the best known ones are market risks, legal risks, and bad management.

BG&E has been doing this long enough that they are less likely to make big mistakes when they compete as their own retail electric provider against the new competition. The new competing electricity companies in the Baltimore area however will be taking BG&E’s talent away from them and hiring them at a much higher salary.

Just as Google hires Facebook’s employees and Facebook hires Twitter’s employees this same thing occurs in retail electric markets. In Texas TXU and Reliant lost many of their most talented sales people to those who started their own energy consulting businesses and those who were hired by startup electric companies.

In Baltimore it is no longer a matter of choosing the big energy brand or the small electric supplier as in some ways they are one in the same.

Our energy consulting company can assist in having your commercial electricity account bid on by multiple retail electric suppliers in Baltimore.

We create a transparent proposal that shows you the bids that came in and who has the best prices and for what terms.

Not only do you see the best prices but we know which Baltimore electricity companies are good and which ones are bad based on our experience in the market.

You can pick the cheapest electricity company in the proposal or simply go with a price that is in the middle but with a brand name you trust.

We assist in bringing the prices down and giving you our consultation on what we think you should do but ultimately the ball is in your court and we assist with getting you a contract drafted and sent over as soon as you have made up your mind.

So next time you look at your BG&E electric bill consider trying out one of their competitors as you just might have dealt with them in one way or another.

Things have changed Baltimore and it is only getting better as prices come down and more electricity choices are made available.

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