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by admin on February 24, 2011

Baltimore MD electricity choice compareWhen comparing electricity companies in Baltimore you can go at it on your own or use an energy consultant. For residential energy consumers there is no need to speak with anyone on the phone as you can use compare charts like the one on this page to make an accurate comparison of Baltimore electricity companies.

Baltimore Maryland electricity compare charts are good for residential online comparisons but for commercial businesses a more in depth reverse auction process is needed.

For energy brokers in Maryland that represent one or maybe two electricity providers they can put their rates on a website to look at and compare immediately.

The problem with Baltimore commercial electric rates on a website is that they are generic and do not fit most load profiles that could achieve cheaper electricity quotes if the pricing was done based on their estimated or historical electric usage.

Baltimore residential electric service customers can be quoted online because there is an industry average that can be used to price everyone the same and it is more profitable for electric companies to do it this way for residential accounts.

Commercial Baltimore MD electricity accounts are more competitive and so it is better to use an energy consultant that goes out to several electric companies and is a consultant for their clients rather than a rep for a couple of energy providers.

You can call and speak to a Baltimore MD electricity consultant at 1-800-971-4020 and they can explain the reverse auction process in more detail.

The reverse auction process is transparent and allows an energy consultant to procure your electricity at a cheaper price than if you were to attempt to do the same thing on your own.

Once all electricity rates are in our energy consultants facilitate the rates down further and then create a detailed Baltimore Maryland electricity compare chart and proposal.

We go over the proposal with you and you pick the company and electric rate plan best suited for your business.

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