Baltimore Electricity Choice

by admin on February 24, 2011

Baltimore Electric ChoiceWhen relocating to Baltimore Maryland you now have the ability to not only choose a nice place to move into but also the electricity company that provides the energy to your house.

Baltimore electricity choice is a new and bizarre idea to many in Maryland as the electric utility market has been regulated in a sort of natural monopoly for decades.

Europe in large part has had their electricity markets deregulated for years and now that the US is catching on people in Baltimore see that electricity choice offers the ability to pick cheaper rates, tailor made electric rate plans, and green energy.

In Maryland the name of the deregulation program is called electric choice and this is a good name to describe what is effectively Baltimore electricity choice among over 30 different retail electricity suppliers.

Since other states in the US such as Texas have been deregulated for sometime now there are things we have learned.

Consumer tips regarding Baltimore electricity choice are listed below and may help you avoid common pitfalls when choosing an electric company other than the typical monopoly electric utility you have always used.

Tips regarding things to avoid in the electricity choice program in Baltimore

  • Don’t compare Baltimore variable electricity price plans with fixed price plans
  • Only compare fixed rate plans as variable rate plans follow different rules from provider to provider
  • Don’t choose a Baltimore fixed electric rate that has a fuel surcharge incorporated into the plan. A fuel surcharge effectively makes your rate a variable price.
  • Check with the Public Services Commission of Maryland for complaint records with the electric company in Baltimore you are thinking of switching to.
  • Speak with a Baltimore energy consultant about your electricity choices. A good number to call is 1-800-971-4020

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