Baltimore Electricity Rate Plans

by admin on February 24, 2011

Baltimore electricity rate plansSome of the notable electric companies competing in Baltimore Maryland are Constellation Energy , Allegheny Power , BGE , Enterprise Electric Co , and Baltimore Gas and Electric Company. Of course BGE is the same as saying Baltimore Gas and Electric Company but some people call it the short name. For people relocating it is good to show both names to eliminate any confusion.

If you are a commercial business you have more choices for electric service than just these energy suppliers and the preferred method for shopping suppliers is to use an energy consulting company.

Not all energy consulting companies in Maryland work on your behalf as some are merely brokers for one or two Baltimore electric companies.

For instance, there could be a broker you call on to shop electric rates for you and the company they put all their customers with regardless is Constellation NewEnergy. Another energy broker may put all their customers with BGE and so on.

You do not want to go through a reverse auction process with an energy broker with only one or two electricity companies in the mix.

Rather than going with a broker choose an energy consulting company in Baltimore that works to find the best Baltimore electricity rate plans and companies for your business.

A good energy consultant in Baltimore will have multiple electricity companies send in their Baltimore electricity rate plans into the auction.

The energy consultant will work the electric rates down among the energy suppliers competing.

Once all Baltimore electricity rate plans are in a detailed proposal is created that lays out the process and rates in a transparent chart showing you exactly what prices came in and who has won your electricity bid.

If this reverse auction sounds good to you please call one of our energy consultant at 1-800-971-4020 to learn more about how this all works.

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